Monday, November 29, 2010

weird food

when i was in highschool, one of my classmates said, "my favorites foods are - " our teacher cut her off and said, "there is no such word as FOODS." but sometimes i hear english teachers says 'foods'.

eating is sacred. eating makes us feel like heaven.

but take a look at these weird food/s.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

youth by matisyahu

Some of them come now
Some of the running
Some of them looking for fun
Some of them looking for away out of confusion
Some of them don't know where to be
Some of them don't know where to go
Some of them trust their instincts
That somethings missing from the show
Some don't fit society
Their insides are crying low
Some of them teachers squashed the flame
'fore it had a chance to grow
Some of them embers still glow
Them charcoal hushed and low
Some of them come with hunger suppressed
Not fed them feel the death blow, yo

Young man control in your hand
Slam your fist on the table
And make your demand
Take a stand
Fan a fire for the flame of the youth
Got the freedom to choose
You better make the right move
Young man, the power's in your hand
Slam your fist on the table and make your demand
You better make the right move
"youth is the engine of the world"
Storm the halls of vanity
Focus your energy
Into a laser beam
Streaming shattered light
Unites to pierce between the seams
And it seems
The world open peering
The children see
Rapid fire for your mind
Half a truth is just a lie
They rub me the wrong way
They say their way or fall behind
Seventeen disconnect left out
The concept as to why
There's a spiritual emptiness
So the youth them get vexed
Skip class and get wrecked
Feel with beer and cigarettes
To fill the hole in their chest

Friday, November 26, 2010

super cute!

name: martin del rosario

bday: november 25, 1992

currently studying in UP Diliman, taking up BS Business Administration

he graduated salutatorian in grade school, 2nd honors in high school (kahit busy), *in prestigious schools* and received more than 40 medals his entire life

he has spanish blood

he was 15 when he first entered show business

he is a model for BNY

people say 'sino siya?'. oo hindi siya ganung kakilala because he's still starting but believe me he's gonna be the next piolo pascual.

he's so humble.

he never stripped on TV *dats why i sooo like him*

he's so cute

he's so intelligent

im so proud to be his fan

he's so talented

i salute him for continuing his studies despite his showbiz commitments

im usually not so into local artists, im more into foreign, BEFORE.

now, here he comes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

megan foxxxx.

7 things i hate about being fat.


-being fat means BEING UGLY!


-being fat means not all clothes will FIT! and i hate it when i'm given a super duper cuteness piece of clothing but then i give it to my younger sister because it wont fit me!


-being fat means wearing SKINNY JEANS will make you look ridiculous! [because skinny jeans are only for skinny people]


-being fat means you have to watch what you eat. and it means LIMITING ICE CREAM!


-being fat means you are prone to BULLIES and people who mock you thinking they are better than you.


-being fat means there are chances of having LOW SELF ESTEEM.


-being fat means having chances of BEING ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

[and i'm fat. and i hate it!]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

michelle obama's handshake issue.

this is one of the top news in yahoo. well, he [the muslim leader] should understand that a handshake is the most basic gesture of friendship/warm welcome, and, there were so many of them the first lady does not, of course, have time to think: "is it okay with his religion/belief/culture if i shake hands with him?" let us be OPEN MINDED.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MP3 will kill CD

DVD killed VHS

TV killed radio

jeepney killed calesa

facebook killed friendster

i was looking through billboard's website, and there was this 'billboard 200' showing the top selling albums. albums, as in in a form of CD. i rarely listen to CDs now.

i predict, 5 years from now, MP3 will kill CD. albums, songs, will soon be sold just in iTunes, and in a form of a memory card for mobile phones.

just how rizal predicted the use of telephones in the philippines and spain decades ago.

i half dislike bob ong. the other half? i dunno.

eto ang libro ni Bob Ong ng kanyang kayabangan! panlalait sa ibang manunulat! ipinapagsigawang sikat na sia, marami na siang fans, churva. yabang.

eto nman ang libro niang hindi nman nia libro. kase karamihan puro compilations lang na isinulat lang ng iba.

eto nman ang libro tungkol sa bayani nia. pero gusto ko tong librong to.

eto nman ang libro tungkol sa kanyang pag-aaral nung bata sia. at ang pagbabalik skwela rin, bilang isang teacher ng kompyuter subjek.

pinagyayabang ang IQ nia, mga fans nia *hindi ako isa sa kanila*.

basahin mo na lang. depende rin siguro sa mambabasa kung maiinis.

siguro, pag nabasa mo to at hindi ka nainis sa kanya, baka sanay ka na sa mga taong ganun.

hindi ko tinapos ung white book nia, saksakan ng pangba-BLUFF e.

*may dalawang ibig sabihin ang salitang BLUFF, una, pagyayabang [kadalasan, pagyayabang ng mga bagay na wala ka], ikalawa, pananakot na hindi nman kaya. haha. kunwari, "ibabagsak ko kaung lahat sa NCM!" sabi ng CI mo pero hindi rin nia gagawin. sinu nmang gagawa nun? kung RLE pwede pa. basta, un. un na un.*

bumili na lang sana ako ng kiko machine komix. tsk.


i want to create music videos, with these musicians. someday.