Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the farmville rage

everyone is playing farmville! and i think it is only me who does not. my sister and cousin kill much of their time infront of the screen, leaving their assignments and projects, exams and reports behind.

i would scream from the kitchen, "it has been four hours already!" but they wont seem to bother. they tell me, "farmville is cool! try it." i would just roll my eyes.

everytime i go to kofi dot net, the nearest internet shop to our school, i would walk past numerous computer monitors and all i could see is farmville on #1, farmville on #2, youtube on #3 though, farmville on #4, farmville on #5!!!

a classmate always tells me, "hey, send me gifts on farmville." i always retort, "farmville what?!" and he would raise an eyebrow, doubtfull.

i'd better focus on schooling, and blogging. because my blog is so lame. need to update each time, and hope to make money.

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